Urban gardening in South Korea and Slovenia as neighbourhood collective action
On the social importance of urban gardening as a neighbourhood collective action in South Korea and Slovenia, CASIE, Ljubljana, 2024.

Strengthening social cohesion through neighbourhood improvement
Comparison of neighbourhood improvement in Seoul and Singapore as social policy by other means, CASIE, Ljubljana, 2024.

Collaborative spatial practices: The case of Seoul, Korea
Brief overview of emerging civic involvement in urban development of Seoul, IPoP, Ljubljana, 2015.

Urban development and culture in global Seoul
Production of culture and its meanings for urban development in Seoul, Emzin, Ljubljana, 2013.

Democratization of everyday life and neoliberal upheaval
On the role of civic society in Slovenia and South Korea in contesting neoliberalism, Državljanska odgovornost, Ljubljana, 2013.

Fresh approaches to urban design in the metropolitan Seoul
Comparison of the urban design projects for Bupyeong Culture Street and Gwanghwamun Plaza in the Seoul metropolitan region, Asian Urban Epicenters, Singapore, 2012.

Urban regeneration in Barcelona and Seoul: Different approaches, similar results?
Article on urban regeneration as an instrument of neoliberal urban policy in Barcelona and Seoul, Asian Urban Epicenters, Singapore, 2012.

Participation of residents in urban renewal of Imun-dong
Report on the collaboration of residents and Urban Action Network in the urban renewal of Imun-dong, IPOP, Ljubljana, 2011.

Networking of creative cities in Korea
Report from the national forum of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, IPOP, Ljubljana, 2011.

Global Seoul: From a multicultural city towards a city of multiple cultures?
Report from the Seoul town meeting on multiculturalism, University of Seoul, Seoul, 2010.

From open city towards Grand national capital
Mapping of the symbolic reconstruction in Skopje with Goran Janev, Točka Culutral Center, Skopje, 2008.

Between the morning calm and new urbanity
Article about the exhibition on South Korean architecture S(e)oul Scape, Večer, Maribor, 2008.

Liffe and Asians
Asian Cinema at the 17th Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe), Cinedie Asia, Lisbon, 2006.

Everyday and Korean culutre
A short story on Korean everyday life, Korea Foundation, Seoul, 2006.

Recent Architecture in Slovenia
Brief review of the recent architecture in Slovenia, Trajekt, Ljubljana, 2003.

Around Autodentity
Research on cities, automobility and identity, Rotterdam Academy of Architecture, Rotterdam, 2001-2003.

International urban planning workshop in Laško, Municipality of Laško, Laško, 2001-2002.

Research on open space of Dalmatian traditional towns, CEEPUS, Ljubljana, 1998-1999.

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